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At our February Cross-Chapter Power Networking session, we introduced a new format aptly named “Ask the Cross-Chapter Experts”. Our facilitator, XPX Nashville member, Lisa Kaufman, a sell-side M&A advisor to family-owned businesses called on 5 members (herself included) to present their “Current Client/Deal Challenge” to the group. Fellow members then became the “experts” providing input and possible resolutions for one of…

Program produced by XPX South Florida. The current temporarily high $12.92 million estate and gift tax exemption will “Sunset” on December 31, 2025. Starting January 1, 2026, the exemption is expected to return to approximately $7 million. The loss of approximately $6 million in exemption can result in an additional estate tax in excess of…

At XPX Next, our inaugural national conference, Dr. Froswa’ Booker-Drew  shares her research on the development of social capital. The following video is a master class on how to build and leverage one’s network for greater collaboration and success. View Dr. Booker-Drew’s full bio here.  Additional resources provided by Dr. Booker-Drew:

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