Discount Code to Attend 25th Annual Angel Venture Fair

Date: November 2, 2022

Location: Union League in Philadelphia, Pa
Time: 7:30 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Food: Continental Breakfast and Deli Lunch

biaWear-Builds smart, comfortable wrist wearables to alleviate cumulative-use wrist pain amongst office workers by teaching healthy ergonomics. (

Chromatan– Next generation cost-saving purification platform for manufacturing of biologics and gene therapies. (

Cliquify-AI-Powered Employer Branding Platform For Social Media To Attract Talent. (

DataCrest– A group of commercial insurance veterans (agency owner, carriers, MGAs) who have build SaaS technology products to address inefficiencies we’ve recognized to make data analytics, quoting, binding, and issuing coverage quicker and easier.
DRS.LINQ -The First Virtual Cardiology Office.  (

Endomedix 1st device will transform bleeding control in Brain & Spine surgery, becoming standard of care in a 1.8B$ market. (Email:

envoyatHome-We use a person’s behavior at home to help their care team provide personalized health and longevity services. (

Equality MD-Inclusive telehealth platform connecting the LGBTQ+ community and its allies with culturally competent primary care and mental health providers nationwide. (Email: Justin Ayars at

Ethicann– Reformulates approved drugs into a new sublingual delivery system and achieves rapid approval. (

ExpressCells- Is a biotech that does gene editing as an outsourced service for pharma & biotech, saving them time and money. (Email Matt Handel, CEO, at (

GoWellBenefits- GoWell Benefits makes benefits easier and faster with simpler enrollment. With our decades of experience, we have re-engineered the process. (

iQure Pharma-Biotech developing novel, game-changing therapeutics, non-opioid and non-addticive pain treatments.

Lectra Technologies– A proprietary conductive therapeutic tape designed for the millions of individuals that struggle with muscular problems each year, and a decentralized cloud-based rehab platform. (Jake Henry,

Martell Diagnostic– is the creator of HERTEST, a blood test that shows as early as week 3 if cancer patients are responding to treatment.  (Email: Michelle Edwards at (

Mednections– Revolutionizing Referral Management  Via Patented AI Technology. (

MinkeeBlue- Eliminates the need to carry multiple bags, making travel easier for the daily commute. (

Muse Engine- Muse Engine provides rapid manufacturing services using our proprietary injection printing system that merges the flexibility of 3D printing with the speed and production quality of injection molding, providing the ability to start manufacturing small-batch injection molded productions the same day a design is ready. (

Nuelehair-Manufacturer of non-toxic, organic, and natural hair care products. (Email: Christine Martey-Ochola at
Pneumeric, Inc. Is a medical device company setting the new standard of care the treatment of tension pneumothorax. (

Protochol Beverage-We have taken advantage of a huge white space in the alcohol industry, creating the first protein and alcohol drink. (Email: Josh Kurczewski at

Promethean Risk Solutions: Promethean’s “FairShare” employee benefits programs allows employers to offer improved employee benefits at a lower cost and share in the insurance carrier’s profits. (

Rego- Is a specialty recycling and reuse marketplace for multi-family residences. (

Rose Sister Chips– An artisan snack food company manufacturing a 100-year old life-changing family recipe of a seasoned baked flour tortilla (chip, cracker, flatbread all-in-one), baked whole and broken by the consumer in the bag to make chips; distributed throughout the US and parts of Canada. (

Scientific Financial Systems, Inc.-At SFS, our mission is to provide today’s investment managers with better data science tools to make better investment decisions. (

seekQ– Right Here, Right Now, the Future of Connections!  Social media bridging the physical and digital realities.  (Email Stephen Geday, CEO at

SolasAI, Inc.- We created the only end-to-end, industry agnostic artificial intelligence solution that enables customers making automated decisions about people to detect, understand, and remove discrimination and other forms of bias from their algorithms and models without hurting their business outcomes. (

Spintellx-Shaping the future of spatially intelligent biology (

Sweft-Is SaaS software that automates the digital asset creation process to help retailers of all sizes launch products faster online without relying on manual entry spreadsheets. (

TripBee Is the world’s first application that makes the complexities of planning a trip easy and delightful. (Email:

TruFaves- App is a better way to find reliable recommendations from your most trusted sources.   (

Uplink-Is creating a network of community-focused esports training and entertainment centers designed for every generation of gamer.  (

Vital Start Health-Is a University of Pennsylvania startup with the first maternity mental health platform using Virtual Reality for personalized, equitable and clinically guided care from conception to birth and postpartum. (

Wasser Innovations-Is creating tobacco-free experiences by offering consumers a variety of nicotine-reduced vaping alternatives. (Zachary Starr,

Xtellix-Provides a platform that enables optimization of business decisions in real-time for up to 1 billion decision variables; doing that up to 200,000 times faster than traditional methods, thereby reducing the time required for optimization from several hours, days or months to a few seconds. (

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

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