Getting Back to Work


Program produced by XPX Maryland.

Getting Back to Work:

How to Effectively Communicate Who, What, Where & How to Employees, Clients & Prospects

Restaurants and businesses are reopening, vacations are once again being booked, and everything is slowly getting back to normal, right? We can all likely agree that the outlook for the second half of 2020 is anything but “normal”. But beyond safety precautions, what else do you need to consider before you reopen your doors?

Join Kimberly Prescott of Prescott HR and Dina Wasmer of Incite Creative for an interactive conversation and proactive tips for:

How to set and manage expectations for employees, clients, vendors, and other internal and external audiences

  • How to establish new policies and work agreements
  • How to train managers on new protocols and accountability
  • How to effectively communicate the above when teams are still dispersed
  • How to re-evaluate your value proposition and brand messaging
  • How to communicate the “new you” throughout the customer journey

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

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