Leadership Challenges and Opportunities During Covid-19

Mikal Schalk of Wood Stone & Ivy is a member of XPX Tri-State
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Video produced by XPX New England

Learn how to leverage your leadership to keep your employee and client engagement; and strengthen your company and your team, better preparing them for growth or transitions of any kind.

We’re fortunate to have Larry O’Toole as a guest to share his experience transitioning his business and leadership thsi month, in the middle of the current crisis.

The goals for this session are to:

  • Understand the Unique Leadership Communication Challenges and Opportunities during the Pandemic
  • Understand the Unique Call for Leadership Through the Pandemic
  • Learn how to leverage Company Values; Mission and Culture during the Pandemic
  • Learn the Power of Resiliency through an ownership transition during the Pandemic Larry O’Toole; Founder Gentle Giant)

Panelist: Larry O’Toole, Founder, Gentle Giant Moving Company

Presenter: Bonni Carson DiMatteo, MS, Co-founder ,Atlantic Consultants

Moderator: Jerry DiMatteo, LICSW, MS, Co-Founder Atlantic Consultants

Atlantic Consultants has worked with family-owned businesses, entrepreneurs, Fortune 500 executives, and mid-sized businesses for over 35 years. They specializes in helping leaders and companies navigate each stage of the entrepreneurial life cycle through leadership coaching and training; organizational development, strategic, succession and exit planning.

Updated: April 28th, 2020