Leadership in the Pandemic


Program produced by XPX Chicago

The Psychology of Leading Through the Pandemic –
The Business Owner’s Experience

What are you feeling on the inside?

  • Typical emotional reactions in a crisis – What’s normal, and how can you use your feelings constructively?
  • Spheres of impact – Who is influencing your emotional response, what impact is it having, and how are you handling the inevitable conflicts that arise?
  • Coping Strategies – What is your default style, and how is it working for you?

How do you appear on the outside?

  • A model for leadership during a crisis – 6 competencies that are associated with effective performance. 
  • Dealing with uncertainty – Don’t confuse action with strategy.
  • Supporting your employees’ emotional health.
  • The difference between truly leading versus just managing a response.

Our Speaker:

Dr. Larry Gard, Psychologist and Founder of Hamilton-Chase Consulting

From hiring to retiring, Dr. Gard’s work centers around the concept of goodness-of-fit, ensuring that people are engaged in activities that are well-suited for their personality. He teaches firms how to refine their selection process so that hiring decisions are more accurate and the right candidates are chosen. Larry also works with late career professionals and business owners, helping them prepare emotionally for a smooth and satisfying transition to their next chapter. He is the author of “Done with Work: A dozen perspectives on the decision to retire”. Larry has been a member of XPX Chicago since 2018.

Larry is offering a free online assessment that identifies strengths that leaders can leverage and potential gaps that could limit your success. The Leading in a Crisis assessment takes roughly 15-minutes to complete and the results are sent directly to you in 24-48 hours, along with an interpretive guide. Please contact Larry directly if you are interested in an assessment.

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

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