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The Island of the Four Ps, a spinoff of Ed Hajim’s bestselling memoir On The Road Less Traveled, is a modern fable about a young man, Marketus, who leaves home for the first time and travels to an island on a quest to answer some of life’s basic questions.

The book, a conversation with the hero’s inner voice, is divided into four fundamental sections—passions, principles, partners, and plans—the key ingredients to making a successful life, says the author. This magical trip takes Marketus and his guide to four villages named after the four Ps. As he enters each place, Marketus places a green pea into a special device, which allows him to store his thoughts, retrieve them, and integrate them.

This engaging tale features full-color illustrations throughout, this parable comes to life in the most unusual way. Perfect for those looking for inspiration in an ever-changing world, Marketus and the Four Peas offers a timeless message for everyone.


Ed Hajim, the son of a Syrian immigrant, is a seasoned Wall Street executive with more than 50 years of investment experience. He has held senior management positions with the Capital Group, E.F. Hutton, and Lehman Brothers before becoming chairman and CEO of Furman Selz. Hajim has been the co-chairman of ING Barings, Americas Region; chairman and CEO of ING Aeltus Group and ING Furman Selz Asset Management; and chairman and CEO of MLH Capital. He is now chairman of High Vista, a Boston-based money management company.

In 2015, he received the Horatio Alger Award, given to Americans who exemplify the values of initiative, leadership, and commitment to excellence and who have succeeded despite personal adversities.

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