Managing Today’s Reality of Excess Inventory


Managing Today’s Reality of Excess Inventory:


The Domino Effect of Having Out-Dated Software Systems.  

  • Not having real time information on the fast-moving products.
  • Not having accurate information of the inventory level in multiple locations.
  • No method of tracking Vendor Reliability of ON-TIME deliveries.


What are the Results of Excess Inventory?

  • Late shipments will result in production disruption.
  • Order cancellations will result in excess inventory.
  • Reduction of Profit from reduced sales price to move excess inventory.
  • Cash on hand reduced as funds are tied up in unsold inventory.


How to Manage the above issues!

  • Replace the outdated software with real time software needed to:
  • Better manage everything related to sales and inventory


The Benefits Resulting from Real Time Software!

  • Understanding inventory turns to maximize inventory at item levels.
  • Knowing Vendor Reliability to achieve better product availability!
  • Understanding the inventory availability when managing multiple locations.


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Updated: Mar 18, 2023

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Dan Kaplan of SMC Data Systems is a member of XPX New York

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