My Transaction Closed before the Crisis, Should I Worry?

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The COVID 19 crisis will undoubtedly derail countless transactions. But, what if your client’s M&A transaction closed in the months leading up to the start of the pandemic? While you and your clients may rightly be pleased their deal closed, your clients are likely also worried. How can you help your clients now? What should you be thinking about? Where are the risks and what can be done to manage it?

Here’s a presentation organized by XPX Philadelphia from seasoned deal lawyer and XPX Philadelphia member, Michael E. Plunkett. Michael will help you understand what you should be thinking about with respect to those deals that are closed, including what to do about earnouts, financed purchase price, representation and warranty insurance, and business insurance.

Video below. Slides here.

Our Speaker:

Michael Plunkett, Founder- Plunkett Law Group – Michael founded the Plunkett Law Group in 2016 after practicing law for 17 years with large law firms in Philadelphia and continues to focus on representing buyers and sellers in M&A transactions and other corporate and transactional matters.

Updated: April 8th, 2020