New RSG Workshop in MA – “Professionalizing the Family Business”


RSG is excited to announce our new workshop titled “Professionalizing the Family Business,” which is initially available to MA-based family businesses.  Generous state funding is available since our workshop is approved through the MA Workforce Training Fund – specifically the Express Program.

If you have existing MA clients or others in your network that might benefit from the workshop, let’s discuss further and/or please feel free to share.  Thank you!  Below are a few workshop highlights and the link to my workshop summary page.

Workshop Summary Page:

Overview: Through our workshop, we interact one-one one with your family business participants, teaching you how to further “professionalize” your organization, while preserving the company’s unique attributes, culture and history.  Our instruction covers your current state of professionalism, improvement areas, prioritization and a change roadmap, as well as important considerations for the family dynamic.

Defining Professionalism: An approach to managing your operating rhythms that is organized, clear and repeatable in order to effectively execute upon your company’s big picture objectives.


  • Improved organizational effectiveness
  • A more sustainable business model
  • A healthier organization and culture

Course Structure:

  • 9 hours of interactive instruction, broken out over 3 sessions
  • Available for up to 8 of your employees
  • At your office and/or virtual sessions available


  • $6,000 flat fee with generous MA state funding that could very well allow for quick full or partial MA state reimbursement.
  • Know your state funding eligibility and approval status quickly (typically within 3 weeks) and before you decide whether or not to take the workshop.



Updated: Mar 22, 2023

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