PPP Roundtable


We’re at a crucial moment with the PPP program as companies in the first round of financing are reaching the end of their eight-week expense period. There are so many questions and ever-changing answers about the rules of the program and how to manage this.  To help make sense of things, we’re hosting this open forum to hear from our panel the latest information on the PPP including:

  • Current status of the program
  • Forgiveness criteria
  • What the audit will look like
  • What/how to track qualifying expenses
  • SBA application for forgiveness worksheet

Our panel will outline the basics but spend most of the program answering your questions.  The panelists are XPX Members who collaborate through The Transition Group:

Video from this program is below. Slides are here. We will also send the sample spreadsheet next week after a few updates. Thanks all!

Updated: May 22, 2020

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