Virtual Visibility at XPX


During these challenging times, XPX has continued our (now virtual) operations at a strong clip. As I’ve been saying, our clients need us more than ever and we need each other more than ever.

The good news is that we provide many ways to help you see and be seen virtually:

  • Attend meetings and sign up for power networking at your own Chapter
  • Experience other Chapter meetings or our cross-Chapter power networking
  • Connect, read and share the amazing content in the Knowledge Exchange.
  • Follow XPX on LinkedIn and tag #xpx to continue the conversation there
  • Volunteer!

I want to especially highlight this last point about the value of volunteering. The whole goal of XPX is to form and deepen relationships with other advisors who share your same target market with complementary skills. The only way to deepen relationships is to invest time with people you want to be connected with. You give to get. My philosophy has always been to break down our work into manageable bites. Check out this list on our website of Sample XPX Volunteer Opportunities .

To volunteer, talk to one of the leaders of your Chapter or just reach out to me by replying to this email!

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

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