Cash Flow Impact of M&A


Program produced by XPX Philadelphia

In these uncertain times, business owners may desire to understand the net cash flow that could be generated from a sale of their business. When a client buys or sells a business, often the “real” dollar impacts of the deal are not readily determinable. Learn how analyzing the financial implications of a sale and the related purchase agreement language can assist in increasing cash flow to your client, often far in excess of the related fees.

We will show how transforming the words of the deal/purchase agreement into a sale projection model:

  • Illustrates the cash flow and tax impacts of the sale,
  • Allows for proposed changes by the buyer or seller to be more readily analyzed for their impact on cash flow and tax costs, and
  • Identifies items of the deal that can be adjusted to provide a better tax or cash outcome to the client.

Presented by Diane DeCesare, CPA and Partner, Drucker & Scaccetti, PC. Video of the program is below. Her slides are avaiable  for download here

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

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