Why Your Business Insurance Policy Could Cover Covid Shutdowns


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Business Interruption Insurance and COVID – 19:

In this program you’ll learn: 

  • If a business was closed by government order, its losses may be covered.
  • Contrary to insurance industry messaging, there can be insurance coverage for losses suffered due to the government shutdown and stay-home orders.
  • Virus or pandemic exclusions will generally not apply to most claims for business losses.
  • “Civil Authority” and “Dependent Property” coverage is often found in many commercial policies and could provide another path to coverage.
  • Recoverable losses typically include net profit or loss before taxes that would have been earned plus continuing expenses including payroll and sometimes “extra expenses”.
  • Steps you need to take to determine whether Business Interruption Insurance applies to a business’s losses.



Bill Rodgers. Bill is a founding member of Tarlow Breed Hart and Rodgers, PC. He serves as general counsel for a wide range of the firm’s clients in addition to more traditional engagements in the areas of mergers and acquisitions, debt and equity financings, management led buyouts, strategic alliances, joint ventures and shareholder disputes. Bill was named by Best Lawyers as Boston’s 2020 “Lawyer of the Year” for Closely Held and Family Business Law.

Michael Childress. Michael Childress is Of Counsel with Kabateck LLP. Mr. Childress concentrates his practice on protecting and enforcing the rights of insurance policyholders. Since 1981, he has negotiated, handled and prosecuted insurance claims arising in 40 states, successfully coordinating thousands of investigations and working with experts from many fields. He represents national and international policyholders in matters that involve risk management, disaster recovery, and insurance recovery.


Updated: Mar 14, 2022

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