XPX Cos Mallozzi Chapter 1: Becoming A National Player


Cos Mallozzi, a recently retired CEO at Gibbs & Soell, started out as a junior accounting executive over 35 years ago. Mallozzi explains how he saw his path to becoming the CEO of Gibbs & Soell after he exercised his right to buy shares of the company. Succession planning is part of the Gibbs & Soell corporate DNA, and passion part of their corporate culture. Dick Gibbs, Mallozzi’s predecessor and mentor, demonstrated a high degree of confidence in Mallozzi by handing the company over to Mallozzi with no strings attached. Mallozzi credits Gibbs’ handoff as a key component of the successful transition, which Mallozzi is now modeling by his recent transfer to his own successor.

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

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