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There is significant evidence that supply chains have “normalized.” Delivery times are fast and overall demand is low. Many companies are now looking at “longer-term” supply chain planning and changes. Some of these changes include multi-sourcing and digitizing supply chain operations. Geopolitical events and resulting tariffs/sanctions could quickly change the supply chain landscape, however, so…

Owners don’t like the “Exit” word. They tell us regularly to change it, or that talking about it is uncomfortable. It’s the elephant in the room. I understand. Anyone selling life insurance or funeral pre-planning knows that you don’t start with “So, let’s discuss what happens when you DIE.” For business owners, leaving the business…

When a periodic technology assessment results in a detailed remediation and investment roadmap, the business gains a comprehensive and strategic plan that focuses on various facets that collectively drive value. Through our experience in assisting numerous clients, we’ve seen firsthand the multitude of benefits derived from such initiatives. Here are the top benefits:   Structured Risk Remediation: With…


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