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Last March, a federal judge ruled The Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA) was discriminating on the basis of race by only offering grants to minority-owned businesses. This ruling is one in a string of recent court decisions that have declared race-based preference systems illegal. As the crusade to gut affirmative action continues, challenges to employers’…

“Conflicts look bad. I always prepare touchy agenda points with my 2 senior leaders before leadership team meetings. This way senior leadership presents a united front,” recently mentioned the CEO of a 200-people company. Most leadership teams have too few open, healthy conflicts. This makes them less effective, reduces decision quality, and ultimately slows down business…

I wrote earlier about the value a closed loop employee suggestion program can provide. These do provide significant benefits, but there is no need to limit continuous improvement suggestions to those inside the company. Customer and supplier surveys can provide great insights into such opportunities while also enabling the company to collaborate better with key…


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