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    Darwin Salicrup of DZS Capital LLC is a member of XPX Tri-State
    Darwin Salicrup
    DZS Capital LLC
    Looking to acquire a small to medium size business
    New Member
    Blake Patterson of AB is a member of XPX Nashville
    Blake Patterson
    Vice President- Private Wealth Management
    You are working with business owners/entrepreneurs that need help with pre-transaction planning.
    New Member
    Sara Hartary
    Founder / CEO
    BizOps Solved
    You want to make a business more valuable, run optimally, grow, and improve the owner's life. We build enterprise value to benefit business owners, whether they're actively planning an exit or not.
    New Member
    Robert Latham
    President, Managing Partner
    IBG Business / Altapraem M&A Advisors
    You or someone you know needs an M&A advisor to help sell their business.
    New Member
    Jeff Sandene of Sandene Strategies, LLC is a member of XPX Dallas
    Jeff Sandene
    Sandene Strategies, LLC
    Business owners deserve a 360-degree approach to their exit planning. This includes the business owner's personal financial planning and post-exit wealth management.
    New Member
    Joe DePeder of Audit Ready, LLC is a member of XPX Ohio
    Joe DePeder
    Audit Ready, LLC
    A financial statement audit is upcoming or ongoing
    New Member
    Barton Black
    Senior Partner
    Blue Sky Law
    You are looking to buy or sell a business. I assess HR/Employment issues to help Sellers better position their businesses for sale and to help Buyers properly value target businesses.
    New Member
    Brian Marynowitz of LBMC is a member of XPX Nashville
    Brian Marynowitz
    In need of buy-side or sell-side financial due diligence
    New Member
    Dan Mahoney
    Business Performance Advisor
    HR Specialist- I help C suite exec's & small business owners grow their top line, mitigate risk and cut costs through human capital management
    New Member
    Max Haspel of The Colony Group is a member of XPX Long Island
    Max Haspel
    Managing Director, Senior Wealth Advisor, & President of Colony Business Owner Services
    The Colony Group
    It’s time for you and your client to engage with a highly-collaborative and experienced team of subject-matter-experts that helps prepare owner-operators, their businesses, and their families for success before, during, and after their exit.
    New Member
    Kim Abmeyer of Abmeyer Wealth Management is a member of XPX Dallas
    Kim Abmeyer
    Comprehensive Wealth Management
    Abmeyer Wealth Management
    Clients have liquidity events and are looking for planning and investment advice.
    New Member
    Adam J Goldblatt
    Michael Best & Friedrich
    I am a results-driven attorney that leverages my legal skills & business acumen by partnering with clients to achieve their goals and objectives and drive business growth or exits through a variety of innovative opportunities.
    New Member
    Robert Jablonski of Recharge Consulting is a member of XPX Austin
    Robert Jablonski
    Recharge Consulting
    The business needs to deliver an immediate top line growth, present documented processes and gain new profitable clients.
    New Member
    Tinsley Dempsey of Sofer Advisors is a member of XPX Nashville
    Tinsley A. Dempsey
    Director Valuation Services
    Sofer Advisors
    You are preparing for a sale, ownership transition, shareholder buyouts, or disputes
    New Member
    A.J. Krause of Oberon Securities, LLC is a member of XPX South Florida
    A.J. Krause
    Managing Director
    Oberon Securities, LLC
    Shareholders of a closely-held business are considering a sale.
    New Member
    James Rores of Floriss Group is a member of XPX Ohio
    James C. Rores
    Founder, CEO
    Floriss Group
    Call me when you are looking to reliably Accelerate Revenue and Multiply Value for your business.
    New Member
    Fabiola Paz
    VP Relationship Manager Commercial Banking
    PNC Bank
    Commercial Banking Relationship Manager- Equipment financing, working capital, refinancing debt, improving treasury or merchant services
    New Member
    Brian Adams
    Corporate & Transactional Attorney
    Polsinelli PC
    In need of corporate and transactional advisory services
    New Member
    Jason Garey
    Wealth Management Advisor
    Meridian Financial
    Advice on financial planning and wealth management
    New Member
    Jack Eakin
    LCG Advisors
    Investment Banking, predominately sell-side M&A advisory -- we work with owner operators on exit
    New Member
    Liz Papagni
    CEO, Marketing & Branding Strategist
    Marketing Initiative Worx, Inc.
    My value/superpower is when clients/businesses need a Fractional CMO and/or marketing strategy to change/increase brand perception. value, and equity; increase/retain customer base; needs actionable marketing plan for growth, valuation and/or sale
    New Member
    Karen L Powell
    A business owner client of yours is wanting to exit but wants also to increase the business value prior to sale. Also if the Business Owner needs to determine what sale amount will produce a sustainable future income, I can help determine that.
    New Member
    Sam Feldbaum
    Rockwood Wealth Management
    You need a Wealth Advisor who understands what you are going through as a small business owner
    New Member

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    The state of a company’s financials could make or break its future sale. Balance sheets that don’t balance. “Add-backs” that can’t be justified. Messy financials make for lower business valuation or deals that never happen. That’s why financial sharpening is such a critical part of exit planning. Join us Thursday, Sept 15 from 11am-1pm at…

    Maria Forbes of FIREPOWER Business Catalyst, LLC. is a member of XPX Atlanta

    Do you provide an employee orientation? That is great news, now what about onboarding?  If you are leaving this one out you are missing part of a winning team performance structure.  What is the difference and why utilize both?  One is informative and one is integrative, both are intended to get your new employees off…

    Bill McDermott of The Profitability Coach is a member of XPX Atlanta

    What makes an excellent CEO? It’s a question that’s often asked, but seldom answered. As with anything, it starts with mindset first, then skill set. We’ve talked recently about the importance of CEOs having a direction-setting mindset and being bold, and an organizational mindset where they create strong culture and stable, but agile companies. Once CEOs have set a vision and tasked their…

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    We are unique in that we are the only open advisor network in the private company/business value transfer market. This means that we do not advocate a single approach or vendor. Instead, we endeavor to be a place where all advisors, owners and vendors can interact and collaborate.  Each XPX Chapter is a locally-controlled non-profit organized by national and regional leaders in the private company market. 

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    Welcome to our Community Exchange! It’s designed to give you to get a quick snapshot of all the great new members, content and events at XPX across our network. Please explore and click through to learn more about our members and benefit from the knowledge they share with the community. If you don’t want to miss this valuable update, subscribe to our monthly email digest.