Building Value with the Right Approach to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion


As exit advisors, we all know that the value of a business is very dependent on the team the owner has developed. Can “Diversity, Equity and Inclusion” (DEI) initiatives and programs help improve a business owner’s team?

Join us for our virtual January meeting where we will have an engaging, collaborative XPX-style discussion of this important issue for our business owner clients, featuring guest speaker Dave Daniels.

You’ll learn how DEI can:

  • Improve employee retention
  • Increase engagement
  • Drive leadership
  • Enhance the value of a business

We’ll discuss the state of DEI in Lower Middle Market companies and how they can fully integrate and optimize diversity and inclusion to drive business results – all followed by an open question and answer session with our presenter, Dave Daniels, moderated by Tiffany Wright.

Why Join Us?

  • Meet and truly engage with a broad range of professionals.
  • Keep up to date on all things DEI.
  • Identify resources and pathways to help your clients.
  • Gain an appreciation of the power of the XPX Advisor Principles!


Tiffany C. Wright
The Resourceful CEO, LLC

Tiffany C. Wright is the author of The Funding Is Out There! Access the Cash You Need to Impact Your Business a business writer. She is a serial entrepreneur and a former CFO and COO. Her firm, The Resourceful CEO®, helps B2B companies restructure their operations and finances to generate stronger cash flow, higher profits and greater owner freedom.

Meet Our Speaker:

Dave Daniels
Dave Daniels Consulting

Dave Daniels is the founder of Dave Daniels Consulting, which provides leadership development through a diversity, equity and inclusion lens to SMBs. He is a certified coach and accomplished facilitator who has helped over 300 executives. He also spent several years on McDonald’s corporate diversity team as well as six as a business owner.

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

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