Exceptional CEOs: Direction-Setting Mindset


Every CEO strives to be a strong leader and push their company forward, but when it comes to determining what the mindsets and characteristics of a successful CEO are, opinions vary. It’s hard to be all things all the time and many CEOs struggle to know where to spend their time, how to allocate resources, and what’s really going to drive shareholder value. They’re left feeling frustrated, worried, and fearful that they might make a wrong decision. Every CEO deserves to have a business with a strong financial future.

To be a successful CEO, it appears that’s no roadmap, no playbook, no Wizard of OZ pulling levers behind a green curtain. It takes an exceptional set of mindsets that precede any skill set a CEO may possess. A CEO doesn’t need to excel in all the mindsets; they can excel in a few. But, they do need to have some level of proficiency in all of them according to Dewar, Keller, and Malhotra in their book, “CEO Excellence”.

The first mindset is around setting company direction and being bold. Continue reading: https://theprofitabilitycoach.net/blog/exceptional-ceos-direction-setting-mindset/

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

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