Financial Management in Private and High-growth Organizations and Those Considering Exit Opportunities


Program produced by XPX Fairfield County and XPX Hartford

Financial Management in Private and High-growth Organizations and Those Considering Exit Opportunities

The heart of XPX is the inter-disciplinary nature of exit planning. As advisors to business owners we understand that it takes a team of experts working together to navigate a successful exit. Working in the middle and lower middle market, no matter our own discipline, we’ve heard tales of businesses in need of serious improvements to their financial management and reporting systems to appeal to buyers and to maximize value. Please join us as we dive below the surface with a case study that will deepen our knowledge of the roles of financial management and accounting in the exit process.

  • What issues can delay or scuttle a deal? What are the remedies?
  • What are the red flags to be on the lookout for?
  • “Before and After” a comparison of actions and results from a financial make-over
  • What exactly is a “quality of earnings report” and how does it benefit the exit process?
  • “Show me the money” – how can investing in good financial systems and reports impact the sale price?
  • When is an audit necessary? What is involved in that process?

Our Panel:

Kevin Donovan, CPA, Fiondella, Milone & LaSaracina, LLP

Kevin has over 22 years of accounting experience, having served both in a national public accounting firm and in the financial leadership program at the Fortune 500 Corporation. Kevin has been with FML since the firm’s inception and is responsible for overseeing assurance services provided to public and private technology and service industries. He also provides advisory services to public companies related to their Sarbanes-Oxley initiative, as well advisory services for both public and private companies regarding private equity and venture capital backed transactions, due diligence support and other areas of financial expertise.

Robert Pravder, Robert Pravder Consulting, LLC

Robert Pravder is an entrepreneurial, growth-oriented finance executive with a passion for managing change to position companies for long-term growth. As CFO, guided three high-potential middle-market companies, including a private equity portfolio company, through successful turnarounds. Proven track record blending finance with strategy and execution and applying a holistic view of business grounded in hands-on experience in operations, manufacturing, software development and online marketing. Unique blend of large corporate and entrepreneurial/middle market experience primarily in health & wellness, nutrition, healthy foods, eLearning and software/digital content markets.

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

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