Insights in Commercial Real Estate and the Intersection with Exit Planning

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Critical Insights in Commercial Real Estate and the Intersection with Exit Planning 

Commercial real estate, whether owned or leased, represents a significant cost for most companies and is frequently a meaningful component of enterprise valuation, exit, and acquisition planning considerations. Hear experience-based perspectives from Andrew Zezas, Managing Director, Jones Lang LaSalle (“JLL”), about forward-looking insights, trends, market conditions, return to the office considerations, and more.

Our Speaker:

Andrew Zezas

Andy has provided creative guidance to executives at companies occupying various types of commercial properties regionally and globally. Prior to joining JLL in 2015, Andy led Real Estate Strategies Corporation, which he founded in 2002. Andy’s expertise includes real estate advisory, M&A support, portfolio strategies, restructuring, identifying & capturing liquidity, risk mitigation, collaborating on exit strategies, and much more. As publisher and host of CFO Studio, a company Andy founded in 2013, Andy further enhanced his stature among the nation’s senior finance and executive communities as a business, real estate, and thought leader, interviewer, and public speaker.

Program produced by XPX New York.

Updated: October 5th, 2021