Interpreting the Language of Accounting


For my wife’s and my 25th wedding anniversary, our family went to France. Paris, Provence, Chamonix and on the way back to Paris to catch our flight home, we went to the cathedral in Reims. The one with the Chagall stained glass and where Joan of Arc was to be crowned by King Charles in 1429 after her victory in Orleans in the 100 Years War. On the drive back to Paris, I was a little uncertain about directions so I pulled into a gas station to ask. By the way, none of us spoke French. But, in the best French I could muster I said, “Parlez-vous anglaise?”. The owner’s reply was to spit at the floor and give me a look that sent me quickly on my way. How dare I come to his country and not speak his language.

Just like trying to speak the language in a foreign country, if you’re trying to run a business but you don’t speak the language, how do you know you’re headed in the right direction?

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Updated: Apr 19, 2022

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