It’s Brutal Selling a Company – Even More Brutal in 2023!


The Hard Realities and How-to’s of Successful Value Growth and Selling in 2023

Program produced by XPX Atlanta.

Our programming for this year will be a Collaborative Forum on the Hard Realities and How-To’s of successful business building and selling in 2023. Breaking News: Interest rates are still up. The economy is trending down. Buyers are retrenched. Deal flow in some industries is slow. If a deal is not in the pipeline now, it’s probably not going to close in 2023.

Of course, to our XPX community, this harsh news is not news at all. In fact, here’s the real news…It’s Time to Seize the Opportunity! More urgent than ever, right now is the time to get your clients’ attention to optimize now! We will be sharing the How-To’s of having the conversation with, and questions you need to be asking of, your clients.

Our January Program

We kick off our 2023 theme on the Hard Realities of Preparing to Sell a Business. What’s going on out there in the M&A world? What do buyers want? What are they thinking? So that your clients can turn crisis into opportunity.

Take-Aways: 5 Questions you need to ask of your clients on …Finance, Brand

We are going to set the stage for addressing the components of success, the How-To’s:

  • How to help your client’s business to stand out
  • How to get multiple buyers competing for their business
  • How to “get in your owner’s face” to have the conversation
  • How to help build the advisory team

Our Speaker:

Bob Tankesley
M&A Advisor
Neri Capital Partners

Bob Tankesley has 22 years of experience in tax, accounting, and financial advisory market sectors, ranging from a Fortune 500 Corporation and Big 4 accounting firms to micro-cap and lower mid-market businesses. For the past 16 years, Bob has advised over one hundred business owners on business transaction, business valuation and exit planning methods.  As a 4th generation entrepreneur, Bob has a deep affinity for and understanding of entrepreneurs and business owners.

Bob is a CPA with a BS/BA degree in Accounting (cum laude) from UNC Asheville and an MBA in Finance from Appalachian State University. Bob also co-founded the XPX Atlanta Chapter.

Updated: Feb 4, 2023

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