Join our CEO Book Club on 2/7 at noon – “The Motive” (Patrick Lencioni)


Join our CEO Book Club on Tuesday February 7 at noon EST (on Zoom) to discuss the book “The Motive” by Patrick Lencioni.

What is the essence of your job as a CEO?

In his recent book “The Motive” best-selling author Patrick Lencioni analyzes reward-centered leadership as opposed to responsibility-centered leadership, and from there derives 5 key roles of a CEO. In addition to provoking readers to honestly assess themselves, Lencioni presents action steps for changing their approach.

Join us at this interactive CEO Book Club to learn from the insights and experiences of other CEOs – because we all have different perspectives on the same book.

The CEO Book Club is FREE and is open to all growth-minded CEOs who want to become better leaders. You DO need to read the book prior to the event (the book is an insightful yet quick read: about 3 hours).

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Updated: Jan 12, 2023

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