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Maria Forbes of FIREPOWER Business Catalyst, LLC. is a member of XPX Atlanta
FIREPOWER Business Catalyst, LLC. 4 months ago

A Small Business Onboarding Process A recent HBR article stated that poor onboarding can leave your employees with lower confidence in their new roles, worsened levels of engagement, and an increased risk of jumping ship when they see a new, more exciting position elsewhere. On the other hand, companies that implement a formal onboarding program…

Xavier Lederer of Ambrose Growth is a member of XPX Hartford
Ambrose Growth 6 months ago

FREE CEO Workshop – How to Build a Culture of Accountability on Tuesday, June 7th at Noon EST on Zoom. By the end of this CEO Workshop you will: Know the three pillars of accountability. Understand how to build a system to hold your team (and yourself) accountable. Have a first draft plan to increase accountability, and…

Bill McDermott of The Profitability Coach is a member of XPX Atlanta
The Profitability Coach 9 months ago

For anyone who’s thinking about becoming an entrepreneur, whether you’re just out of school or fed up with corporate America and are inspired to “go for it”, this blog is for you. Remember, mindset first, then skill set. Having the right mindset will get you further than simply checking the boxes of certain skills. So, how do…

Diana Murphy of Diana Murphy Coaching, LLC is a member of XPX Atlanta
Diana Murphy Coaching, LLC 10 months ago

And it starts with our own mindset.  I have been in the business of human development, professional development for quite some time now. First at Gallup, as we started the StrengthsFinder tool, and then as coach starting a practice to serve high achievers 8 years ago.  Now as I serve as a personal CEO coach…

Michelle Fritsch of Retirement Wellness Strategies is a member of XPX Maryland
Retirement Wellness Strategies 1 year ago

People have been selling businesses and retiring forever, so why is this important? Well, after nearly 30 years in healthcare, I’ve seen a startling trend that must be addressed. Let’s walk through two scenarios, and you pick the one that reflects your future desires. Retirement Scenario 1 – The Cliff It is not uncommon for…

Exit Planning Exchange 2 years ago

Program produced by XPX Chicago. Managing Your Career During the Pandemic Program Speaker: Megan Walls, Career Coach Our XPX EP board members discuss best practices on managing your career during the pandemic.  The goal of the XPX Emerging Professionals group is to connect like-minded, career driven and entrepreneurial individuals who are early in their career…


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Cheryl Centeno of XPX Global is a member of XPX
XPX Global 2 days ago

Program produced by XPX South Florida. This is XPX South Florida’s final installment of a six-part “Lunch and Learn” series where they explore the exit planning strategies to be employed by a middle market company from the attorney’s perspective. Featured are three seasoned attorneys from South Florida who describe the various obstacles they have overcome…

Marc Kramer of Stress Free Family Business is a member of XPX Philadelphia
Stress Free Family Business 3 days ago

Date: December 2, 2022 Start Time: 12 p.m. EST End Time: 1 p.m. EST Platform: Zoom Questions: Chat Click Here to Get a Free Ticket: Peter Desberg and Jeffey Davis A clinical psychologist and writer/producer share secrets to overcoming presentation anxiety and crafting the perfect “award-winning” pitch – no matter what industry you work in! From impromptu elevator pitches to…

Marc Kramer of Stress Free Family Business is a member of XPX Philadelphia
Stress Free Family Business 1 week ago

  Date: November 22, 2022 Start Time: 12 p.m. EST End Time: 1 p.m. EST Platform: Zoom Questions: Chat Click Here Zoom Link: Neil Malhotra Social innovation and social entrepreneurship are rising forces. As the extent of the world’s systemic challenges becomes clear—from climate change to income inequality to food security to healthcare and beyond—more and more of the best…


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