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🤔If your employees could choose their leader, would they choose you?

🎓This is one of the questions of “The CEO Test” by Adam Bryant and Kevin Sharer, which we will discuss at our free CEO Book Club on Tuesday, June 6 at noon EST / 6 pm CET on Zoom. Register now!

😓This no-nonsense book draws on the distilled wisdom, stories, and lessons from hundreds of CEOs to show how to master the challenges of a CEO (e.g. the loneliness, the weight of responsibility, the relentless second-guessing and criticism, the tough decisions that leave nobody happy,…) – and make you more effective in your role, so that you can grow your business faster and with less pain. Author Kevin Sharer is the former CEO of Amgen, one of the world’s largest biotech companies. During the CEO Book Club we will discuss topics like:

🔥How can you build teams that will effectively drive your growth strategy?
🔥How can you pop your own CEO bubble, so you can make better decisions?
🔥How can you make your company culture real and turn it into a growth engine for your business?

❤️In this interactive CEO Book Club you will learn from the insights and experience of other CEOs – because we all have different perspectives on the same book.

😊The CEO Book Club is FREE and is open to all growth-minded CEOs who want to become better leaders. You do need to read the book prior to the event (the book is an insightful yet quick read: about 5 hours). You can find it here (

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Updated: Apr 18, 2023

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