Recognizing and Responding to Liquidity Challenges


Program produced by XPX New York.

Recognizing and Responding to

Liquidity Challenges

As professionals serving the XPX business community, it is critical that you are sensitive to the telltale signs of companies in distress. During this event we will present some of the key symptoms and indicators of a company facing operational, financial, and survival challenges. We will also present various options available to restructure and position a company to deal with these various challenges. There will be question & answer dialogue during and after the presentation.

Our Speakers:

Robert Iommazzo, Managing Director – Traxi Business Solutions
Lee Pacchia, Director – Traxi Business Solutions

Robert and Lee are both members of Traxi an organization “providing clients with practical solutions to complicated problems” including credit origination, crisis management, operational advisory, corporate restructuring, and more across nearly every industry. Clients have ranged from family-owned businesses as well as Fortune 500 enterprises.

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

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