Retirement Readiness


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Retirement Readiness 

2020 was exceptionally volatile for the investment markets. With little warning, we were thrown into a global health pandemic, bringing global economies to a standstill. As a result, the markets went from all-time highs into bear market territory in record time, with segments of the markets losing 30-40% in just weeks.

Then, just as quickly, the markets staged an impressive recovery all the way to all-time highs — leaving investors bewildered and wondering what just happened.

It’s with all of this in mind that we will be holding a webinar to discuss Retirement Readiness. Specifically designed for investors and business owners who are approaching retirement or recently retired, this webinar will address…

  • The surprising elements of retirement that are often overlooked
  • How to create a vision for your retired years and achieve that vision
  • Considerations for a portfolio that addresses your needs
  • Sticking to your strategic wealth management plan during market volatility

Our Speaker:

Mike Karmin

Strategic Wealth Partners

To Mike the most gratifying part of helping people manage their wealth is bringing them a sense of control and confidence about the future.

Whether helping retirees determine their goals among changing circumstances or helping young professionals with growing wealth set good investment habits, Mike best understands and serves his clients’ needs by creating deep personal and professional relationships. He takes pride in making sure his clients are comfortable with their strategic plans and how their investment strategies are aligned with their best interests. Only then can he be sure his clients feel truly confident about and in control of their futures.

Mike has been in the financial services industry helping make a meaningful impact on people’s lives for nearly 15 years. Previously, Mike held a position at the Northern Trust Company where he managed equity portfolios that were customized to clients’ goals. He transitioned to his role at SWP with an understanding of the importance of giving each client’s situation individual attention.

Mike and his wife are Highland Park residents. They love taking their two young daughters to the city to explore its many neighborhoods and restaurants. Mike is also passionate about sports, always eager to engage in lively discussions about the city’s sports teams.

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

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