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Angela Rehkop of Financial Care Providers is a member of XPX Atlanta

2021 Five Star Wealth Manager Program I credit 10 years of Five Star Wealth Manager Awards to my loyal clients and my dedicated business colleagues.  Your continued business and considerate referrals have allowed me to provide the highest quality financial planning experience and tend to the wealth and well-being of my clients. Would you like…

Oct. 21, 2021
Cheryl Centeno of XPX Global is a member of XPX

There is a lot of uncertainty in the world today, which makes it even more important to maintain financial focus and set up your future self for success. Christen Plotkin, Financial Advisor at UBS Financial Services Inc, will share what it means to have financial focus as an emerging professional. She’ll highlight distractions you should…

Oct. 4, 2021
Gershon Morgulis of Imperial Advisory - Outsourced CFOs and Advisors is a member of XPX Long Island

Happy to announce that Imperial Advisory has been named Best Business Consultant by Long Island Business News! Thank you to everyone that voted for us. Proud to have been a part of this amazing achievement that was made possible by the great team of Fractional CFOs that we have. If you or anyone you know…

Aug. 23, 2021
Mikal Schalk of Wood Stone & Ivy is a member of XPX Tri-State
XPX Content

Program produced by XPX Atlanta. Personal Financial and Estate Planning Prior to Selling Our “owner” Sam McGraw’s marital harmony has just tanked upon confessing the business is not going to net what he and his wife “need” for retirement. Enter the personal wealth and estate planning gurus to collaborate and explore financial realities and realistic…

Apr. 26, 2021
Mikal Schalk of Wood Stone & Ivy is a member of XPX Tri-State
XPX Content

Owner Readiness vs. business Readiness Do you know what it means to “get ready” as an owner? And how is getting your business ready for exit different from getting yourself ready? Julie will help you understand the distinctions between these two types of “readiness” and explain why both are critical to a successful business exit…

Mikal Schalk of Wood Stone & Ivy is a member of XPX Tri-State
XPX Content

Program produced by XPX Chicago. Retirement Readiness  2020 was exceptionally volatile for the investment markets. With little warning, we were thrown into a global health pandemic, bringing global economies to a standstill. As a result, the markets went from all-time highs into bear market territory in record time, with segments of the markets losing 30-40%…

Feb. 10, 2021
Mikal Schalk of Wood Stone & Ivy is a member of XPX Tri-State
XPX Content

Program produced by XPX Maryland.  Retirement Please join us as Michelle Fritsch and XPX member Terry Schaefer provide insights and ideas on helping successful business owners transition from full time professional pursuits to actively walking into their retirement years – healthy, wealthy, and wise. Speakers:   Michelle Fritsch, Pharm.D., BCGP, BCACP. Principle: Meds MASH, LLC and…

Sep. 20, 2020


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Cheryl Centeno of XPX Global is a member of XPX

As exit advisors, we all know that the value of a business is very dependent on the team the owner has developed. Can “Diversity, Equity and Inclusion” (DEI) initiatives and programs help improve a business owner’s team? Join us for our virtual January meeting where we will have an engaging, collaborative XPX-style discussion of this…

Marc Kramer of Stress Free Family Business is a member of XPX Philadelphia

Date: January 19, 2022 Time: 12 p.m. to 1 p.m. EST Platform: Zoom Questions: Chat Link for Free Ticket: Steve White (Even if you can’t make it sign up and you will get a link to listen later) Uncompromising explores seven pathways to help you identify and live your why—leading to an impactful life and a lasting legacy. Steve White’s path…

Jan. 14, 2022
F. Rimer of Initiating Protection Law Group LLC is a member of XPX Atlanta

Brand counsel use many tools to help businesses protect their brands. The most common tool is registering a trademark with the US Patent and Trademark Office. This process seems simple but there is much that goes into the strategy behind filing the application and moving it towards registration. I thought it might be helpful to share information to…

Adam Brier of USI Insurance is a member of XPX Long Island

USI is one of the largest insurance brokerage and consulting firms in the world, delivering property and casualty, employee benefits, personal risk, program and retirement solutions to large risk management clients, middle market companies, smaller firms and individuals. Headquartered in Valhalla, New York, USI connects together over 8,000 industry leading professionals across approximately 200 offices…

Jan. 11, 2022
Bill McDermott of The Profitability Coach is a member of XPX Atlanta

Have you ever stopped and examined your mindset as a business owner and leader? Your mindset impacts all aspects of your company—how you view situations and people and how you approach challenges and opportunities. It is much more nuanced than simply having a positive or negative mindset. Check out these two business owners with dramatically…


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