Stepping into the Void: Option for Helping Clients

Exit Planning Exchange 2 years ago

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Stepping into the Void:

Option for Helping Clients

Speaker: Laura Queen

When was the last time you heard, “I just need a simple agreement; or a quick review of my balance sheet, or 10 minutes of advice on how to address an employee concern?; only to find that – “simple” means restructuring the entire operating agreement, your client’s entire financial recording keeping system is contained in a shoebox, or the employee concern may result in a class-action lawsuit.  Like us, you are undoubtedly called upon to help clients who don’t-know-what-they-don’t-know. What are your success strategies for bridging these gaps? What have you learned from your experiences that could help others? What secret wisdom would you like from your fellow XPXers? This is your opportunity to share your experiences and learn from (and about) others.

Updated: January 11th, 2022

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