Supply Chain Issues & Solutions: A Small and Medium Business Perspective


Program produced by XPX Atlanta.

Supply chain issues often impact small and businesses more deeply due to less purchasing power, less financing access and fewer options. Hear from a supply chain expert and a distribution-focused business owner on how these issues impact them, and solutions to better leverage resources that do exist.

  • Keep up to date on supply chain dynamics.
  • Meet and truly engage with a broad range of professionals.
  • Identify resources and pathways to help your clients.
  • Enjoy a half hour of open networking (11:00 AM – 11:30 AM)
  • Gain an appreciation of the power of the XPX Advisor Principles!

Our Speakers:

Joe Farach

Joe has over 30 years helping improve performance in corporations and family-owned businesses. He has led turnarounds, startups, and acquisitions in six different countries for Liquid Carbonic (a division of CBI Group), Linde Group, and Inox India. Today his company works with small and medium size businesses helping owner’s setup their companies to scale and/or prepare to exit.

He has a mechanical engineering degree from Cal Poly Pomona and an MBA from Villanova University. Prior to his business career, Joe served as an Officer on nuclear submarines in the U.S. Navy.

Missy O’Daniel
President and CEO
Web-Don, Inc.

Missy O’Daniel is President and CEO of Web-Don Inc., a family-owned, 50-year old cabinet and countertop distributor based in Charlotte, NC with six locations. She started with the company over 30 years ago in customer service and rose through the ranks to run the firm. In 2019, Missy also made history when she became the North American Building Material Distribution Association’s (NBMDA) first female president.

Anne Schaeddel
Owner and Managing Director
Project One Logistics

Anne Schaeddel was born and raised in Germany where she studied logistics and freight forwarding and earned her bachelor’s degree. She has professional experience in shipping and has lived and worked in several countries including Germany, Brazil and Argentina. She is fluent in German, English, and Portuguese and proficient in Spanish. Upon moving to the United States in 2014, she continued to work with top clients in the freight forwarding and project logistics industry. In 2019 she decided to start Project One Logistics, her own company based in Houston, Texas where Anne also resides with her dog, Oscar.

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

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