Tenant Representation by Craig Nadborne … Bradford Allen Realty Services

Craig Nadborne of Bradford Allen Realty Services is a member of XPX Chicago
Bradford Allen Realty Services


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My Profession is:  Tenant Representative / Office Leasing Broker / Commercial Real Estate Broker


When it comes time to find an office space for the first time, renew a lease, renegotiate a lease, or relocate;  clients use me and my services to maximize their savings, increase their concessions and improve the value of their leases.

My involvement creates a competitive environment, which puts pressure on a Landlord to improve the concessions package and lower the rent.  This happens because the Tenant, now has a real estate professional on their side leveraging the transaction to the benefit of the Tenant.

My involvement will save a Tenant TIME, MONEY and STRESS.

Updated: August 24th, 2021