The Psychology of the Deal: Personal and Family Readiness


Program produced by XPX Philadelphia.

The mission of XPX is to collaborate to help our private company clients build business value, transfer ownership, and create a legacy of success in their lives and their communities. This collaboration is more critical than ever as we navigate through a business environment impacted by a myriad of issues created by the pandemic.

For our February program, we explore the impact of family business dynamics, decision making theory, financial psychology, and personal readiness have on the success of a transaction and transition. Kathleen Gounaris, Psy.D., MBA will lead our discussion. She will share insights based on her over twenty years of experience working with family businesses and executives across multiple industries. We will apply her insights to our case study.

The case study is based on a $40M, privately held, family owned Manufacturing Company that is planning for an exit. This next session is designed to share knowledge, build relationship within XPX Philadelphia and learn from our shared values and experience. The sessions will be highly interactive, engaging and thought-provoking!

You can read the case study by clicking on the link below.

XPX Philadelphia case study 

Our Speaker:

Kathleen Gounaris
Psy.D., MBA

Dr. Kathleen Gounaris brings over twenty years of experience in executive talent development and succession planning, decision making theory, and financial psychology to her consulting work. She uses her insights about people, business, and organizational culture to accelerate change and to ensure people thrive in their roles.

Kathleen aligns business strategy and talent through multiple avenues, such as: effectiveness of senior leadership teams, management of organizational transitions, and entrepreneurial ventures.

Kathleen obtained her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology and an MBA from Widener University in Pennsylvania. Kathleen lives in the Philadelphia area with her husband, daughter, son, and animals.

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

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