The Secret to Good Business Planning is Good Personal Planning


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In order to prepare for what is usually the single most critically important financial and emotional decision of a business owner’s life, the transition out of their company, you must start somewhere. How then, does an owner prepare for an event that is the measure of his or her life’s work? Planning an exit is like taking a journey; except that this journey may determine the quality of the rest of a business owner’s life. You must start somewhere! Elizabeth Mower , President of BEI will explain the beginning part of the journey which is, the importance of an owner based financial plan that identifies the owners, goals, criteria, hurdles, and gaps to achieve their vision of their ideal future.

Our Speaker:

Elizabeth Mower, President of BEI

As President of BEI, Elizabeth leads a specialized team in the development of software, tools and resources that enable professionals in a variety of disciplines to work with business owners to design and implement customized, comprehensive plans for the future. Before joining BEI, Elizabeth was a practicing business planning attorney with the Denver law firm of Minor & Brown. During her time in private practice, Elizabeth represented clients in the areas of Exit Planning for business owners, business growth and continuity planning, business ownership transition planning, employee incentive planning, and the purchase and sale of business interests.

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

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