Managing Employee Risk as Your Company Pivots Back from COVID-19


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Managing Employee Risk as Your Company Pivots Back from COVID-19

Businesses now face uncertainty and new risks as they apply the “new rules” developed during COVID-19 of managing employees and operations. We will discuss current challenges and provide practical advice about managing these issues, led by Christopher Santomassimo, an experienced Outside General Counsel and Partner from Santomassimo Davis LLP.

Our Speaker:

Christopher Santomassimo, Partner – Santomassimo Davis LLP | Outside General Counsel Solutions

Chris is a senior business-oriented General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer, who assists companies with a wide range of legal and business issues to manage the risk of their operations. His firm’s Outside General Counsel™ practice covers a broad spectrum of concerns facing business clients on a daily basis, such as employment counseling and defending companies against employment claims; ethics and compliance counseling; corporate investigations; advising company executives on business and legal issues; and all types of corporate transactions, to name a few.

Chris’s focus is delivering strategic and cost-effective counseling to business clients, including several U.S. subsidiaries of global companies headquartered outside the United States.

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

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