Today’s Reality of inventory issues.


During COVID-19 we experienced inventory shortages and the ships lined up waiting to get into the ports.

• Today’s new reality is having excess inventory and shortages.

• E-commerce created a new reality. Instead of shipping containers to customers individual products are being picked at the warehouse and shipped to the consumers.

• High returns of merchandise by the consumers result in excess inventory and cash flow issues.

• The reality of relocating manufacturing plants from China to other countries creates uncertainty.

• Until the “dust” settles down it will result in shortages of products like chips creating manufacturing plant disruptions.

• M&A creates a new reality of having multiple ERP Software resulting in integration issues affecting emote warehouses having excess and shortages inventory.

• Having integrated single database ERP Software that serves multiple industries will eliminate this issue and will lower the end users’ efforts having to access multiple ERP Platforms.

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Updated: Sep 21, 2023

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