Why I Started XPX Charlotte


As a long-time business consultant and value growth advisor to middle-market companies, I frequently met business owners who didn’t recognize the urgency to plan for an eventual business ownership transition.  Such business owners commonly find themselves catastrophically unprepared when the time comes to sell their business, costing them millions of dollars in lost value.  I truly believe business owners are the heroes of our American economy, and they deserve to be fully rewarded for their many years of blood, sweat and tears building a business, employing our friends and neighbors, and supporting their local communities.

I got to know the Exit Planning Exchange back in 2019 from a colleague who founded XPX Atlanta.  I was very impressed how XPX members would educate each other about ways their clients could prepare for a better exit outcome.  I saw how they would develop trusting relationships with other XPX members, combining their unique talents and expertise as a team to help a business owner meet or exceed their exit goals, leaving with a sense of fulfillment and the financial resources to enjoy the next phase of their life.

I knew we had nothing like XPX in North Carolina, and our local business owner community would benefit greatly if we did.  I was inspired to lead a small group of talented and committed business professionals to launch XPX Charlotte as a NC non-profit organization in 2021.

Today, I’m proud that XPX Charlotte has become the area’s premier organization for business professionals with a passion for knowledge sharing and a commitment to help improve exit outcomes for business owners in the Charlotte region.  If you share that passion and commitment, I hope you’ll join us!

Tom Bixby
XPX Charlotte Founder, Past-President
CEO, EvaluSys LLC

Updated: Jan 30, 2024

About the author
Tom Bixby of EvaluSys LLC is a member of XPX Charlotte

A business advisor/consultant or investor needs a disciplined value growth strategy and action plan maximizing the enterprise value of client/portfolio businesses.