XPX Kevin Comer Chapter 2: Establishing the Process to Sell a Company

Exit Planning Exchange 10 years ago

As Kevin approached his 60’s, he decided he was ready to move out of the company. His first line of inquiry was about “when and how” the process should start. Comer realized that the planning process of selling a business must be very intricate and complex. Rather than settling on the first offer, the company had to keep the opportunities open in order to find the best offer. In the process, Kevin learned that the business plan is a crucial component of the process of selling the company. Comer encourages owners to trust themselves, reminding us “no one knows your business like you know your business.” After months of hard work with the right investment banks and advisors, Comer finally felt comfortable with the development of a solid business plan to execute an exit planning strategy. 

Updated: October 13th, 2021

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