You are Invited! CEO Workshop on 5/2 at noon EST – “Ask better questions – how to become a better coach for your team.”


🤔What is your question-to-statement ratio?

🎓Register for our CEO Workshop about “How to be a better coach for your team” on Tuesday, May 2nd at 12 pm EST on Zoom. Register now!

😓Leaders can’t be great CEOs UNLESS they spend less time giving advice, and more time asking great questions. The issue is that many CEOs (especially technical experts) believe they need to expand their technical expertise first, which gets in the way of them becoming great leaders.

By the end of this interactive workshop you will have:
🔥Learned powerful coaching questions.
🔥Identified for yourself which of these questions work best for you, and when to best use them.
🔥Defined your next steps to say a little less, and ask a little more.

😊The CEO Growth Workshop is FREE and is open to all growth-minded CEOs who want to become better leaders. No preparation is needed prior to the workshop.

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Updated: Apr 25, 2023

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Xavier Lederer of Ambrose Growth is a member of XPX Hartford

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