A core principle of XPX is collaboration. This is especially evident among our leaders. While each chapter is an independent local business association, we share a common purpose, infrastructure and branding. Chapters have the freedom to create the right business model for their markets including membership, sponsorship and programming. But no one has to re-invent the wheel. Through the Leadership Collaborative we all share resources, lessons learned and best practices to support each other. Collaboration makes us collectively smarter and more successful.

Quarterly Chapter Metrics

XPX Chapter Metrics-Pivot 2022-Q4 Thanks to our XPX leaders, chapter metrics show continued growth despite all the disruptions of recent years. Just use the pull-downs in the upper left to see your

Chapter Metrics and Incorporating DEI

Brief discussion on quarterly Chapter metrics reports in addition to implementing more program content on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

2022 Q1 Metrics

Here is the latest data for our chapters. Be sure to click in the upper left hand corner to select the chapter and/or date you seek to examine.

2021 Q4 Metrics

Here are the latest metrics for all XPX Chapters. You can use the pulldowns in each sheet of the workbook to choose to display all, some or just the metrics for your