Are you tired of getting business advice that just doesn’t work?


Are you tired of getting business advice that just doesn’t work?


Introducing: The Keys for Business, Money, Marketing, and Profitability Summit

●     Find solutions, learn actionable tips and gain the keys to business success for FREE! We’ve hand-selected over 30 industry experts that will provide you with insights into how to take your business to the next level.

●     Get to know our diverse slate of business growth specialists. Learn from TED-X speakers, founders, CEOs, media moguls, Fortune fortune 500 company leaders, and marketing specialists who have helped hundreds of folks just like you find success.

●     This summit is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to find the answers that you’ve been looking for.


How would your business change if you were no longer stuck in the same place? How would it change if you had a clear path forward to money, marketing, and profitability?


These are the questions  Dominick Wallace of Wallace Capital Funding LLC was trying to answer. He wanted to help business owners and entrepreneurs of all types. As an experienced business owner himself, he has been able to build solid relationships with folks from a host of differing industries. Because Wallace knows the challenges of growing a business from the ground up, he wanted to create a forum where folks could learn tips and tricks from experts in various fields.


And so the Keys for Business, Money, Marketing, and Profitability Summit was born.


Dominick Wallace


Dominick is the Managing Director of Wallace Capital Funding, LLC. His company was started in 2002 to help business owners, real estate investors, and entrepreneurs negotiate the path of business credit and financing. Dominick gives his clients the tools to succeed.


His knowledge in finance, skill in business development, and steadfast integrity. Recently, he has been guiding his clients through the PPP loan process. His experience in the industry and dedication to seeing his clients succeed make him a trusted source for business and financial coaching.


Because he is so dedicated to helping others succeed, Dominick wants to bring other business and marketing leaders together for an all-virtual convention.

Here’s a sneak preview of what you’ll learn when you claim your FREE ticket to our summit.


In these difficult economic times, many people feel like they need some financial and business guidance. This summit will feature 30 of today’s most ground-breaking and influential speakers. Topics will include business financing, how to build better credit, and the best ways to market your business.


If you are wondering how you can position your business to obtain your ideal grant, investor, partnership, customers, or financing? Then this summit is for you.


Read on for more information on our dynamic, talented, and successful speakers.

Summit Speakers:

Brian Margolis is a former environmental and fisheries scientist turned entrepreneur. He is the founder of Productivity Giant and the author of the book “The Index Card Business Plan for Sales Pros and Entrepreneurs.” His client list ranges from individual sales reps to Shark Tank entrepreneurs and Fortune 500 companies.

Brian’s Pillar System helps financial advisors, sales pros and other professionals create a strategy so simple, it fits on an index card…but so powerful it’s helped create 7 figure earners and has been licensed by some of the largest companies in the world to train their teams.


Corrie LoGiudice

Do you have that entrepreneurial itch? What is keeping you from sharing your gifts with the world? TEDx speaker, Corrie LoGiudice advises us how to go into business with the right mindset: “I want my clients to get good at creating consistency, first and foremost creating clarity, and building a strong foundation for their business.”


David Shazin

Are you looking to sell your business but don’t know where to start? David Shazin is here with all the best ways to plan your exit strategy and maximize your profits. Founder of the largest local exit strategy organizations in the country, David helps business owners sell their companies. His company works on building value, succession, and exit planning using The Value Track.  He helps create their future, improve their quality of life, and transition out of the business on their own terms. In his interview, David Shazin gives us some tips on getting your business ready to sell. “Get a really good senior bookkeeper, talk to your CPA… get accomplished, and get something done.”


Daya Naef

Imagine working solving conflicts among one of the most difficult times in rebuilding a city.  As a practicing mediator and arbitrator for construction issues, Daya served after hurricane Katrina to bridge communication gaps among contractors and the community.  Imagine what important points she can share to help grow your business.


Daya Naef is a legal dynamo that offers professional business development, conflict resolution, and training for your business. Offers life and business coaching for lawyers, law firms, and entrepreneurs. Daya Naef on the importance of integrity, “integrity is when words, beliefs, and actions all line up. Roadblocks may happen. So you need to always have a backup plan ready,” she says.

Desi Tahiraj 

Imagine being the ultimate high performer to the point of getting burned out.  Personally going through this and helping others, Desi shares her struggles and the keys to getting back to high performance.

In her interview, Des helps folks to avoid burn-out: “It’s our job to educate people, to not get to the point when they hit the walls, to prevent that from happening at least four steps, you need to look first, you need to have meditation and breathing techniques to get out from a fight.”

Donna Omoregie

What is keeping you from implementing that next multimillion-dollar idea?  If you are an existing business owner or entrepreneur, there are several keys to successfully building the next app or business

Donna Omoregie overcame many obstacles to develop her first app. The Freestyle app helps African American folks find the right salons and stylists for their unique hair needs. “My experience taught me the importance of the value of failing fast. Because if you put something out there and it ‘fails’ you can say to yourself, ‘this didn’t work, but this is working and you continue to learn and get better,’” she says.

Dr. Jackie Mayfield

Dr. Mayfield is one of the nation’s foremost advocates of Black business ownership. He is in high demand as a tax and business consultant, adviser, teacher, and visionary leader. He has guided many to financial success, he’s even made millionaires. Find out some of his keys to success at the summit.


Elizabeth Dow:

How can you use technology to grow your business? Do you want to know more about how you can use customer data to find your target market? Elizabeth Dow is a campaign manager, traffic analyst, and revenue intelligence manager at Vox Media, Inc. She is a problem-solver with an inexhaustible passion for innovation. In her interview, she shares how to take your marketing strategy to the next level.


Gabe O’Neill with Richard Branson


Gabe O’Neill

He was once introduced on stage in front of 5000 people by Bill Gates introduced Gabe O’Neill as he demonstrated the software his team built for the DEA. Now known as the “Godfather of the Digital Business Cards“, Gabe builds high-end, custom digital cards for his clients that return business back to them due to their unique delivery method. In his interview, Gabe O’Neil gives advice on getting out of your own way: “I had all these self-imposed reasons why it wasn’t going to be successful.  But then I started to think to myself, wait, what’s that ceiling up there? I put that ceiling there, myself; so I can easily remove it. And I did.”


Jacqueline Hernandez


Jacqueline Hernandez is a highly motivated Business Strategy Consultant. Her skills encompass Human Resources, Corporate Trainer, Liaison, and Public Communicator. As a business owner and consultant, she designs best-in-class recruiting and on-boarding processes, creates sales and management training programs, and implements effective and efficient compensation and management structures for businesses.


Hernandez is also the executive director for M3linked PaloAlto (a virtual convention that connects entrepreneurs, investors, and business leaders). She has a talent for helping business owners reach their goals through meeting the right people.


Janice McLean DeLoatch– 

Have you ever heard of Naomi Judd, Roberta Flack, or Mary Chapin Carpenter? This founder of the Women’s Song Writers Hall of Fame, multi-media mogul, radio, and television host shares her passion for non-profits and boosting women in business. “We don’t have to wait for anybody else to help us be what we want. We can create it for ourselves,” she says.


Jeffrey Leonard

Jeffrey Leonard is a problem solver. From a business’s inception through its entire life cycle, Jeff’s practice allows him to work closely with his corporate clients, acting as a trusted strategic advisor who is able to react to and anticipate each client’s legal needs. If you want to learn tips on how to future-proof and protect yourself and your company, check out his fascinating interview.


Jon Rutenberg

Jon Rutenberg is the owner of  CCC, a CRM software company. He specializes in helping business owners and sales professionals manage their prospects, sales funnels, and clients with less follow-up fatigue using CCC’s contact management strategies and CRM software. “It’s all about the relationship regardless of industries. So spend time with your customers, spend time with your referrals, narrow your targets to those industries where you’re an expert.”


Mariett Ramm

Do you want to know more about how to optimize your LinkedIn business network? Do you have questions about the future of marketing? Part of the Forbes Business Council, Mariett Ramm is a publicist, educator, bestselling co-author, publisher, editor, social content writer, leading transformation coach, and humanitarian. And she is also the author of The Entrepreneur’s Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn.


Matthew Schwab:

Matthew Schwab is a motivational speaker and coach, and founder of the company Inner Voyage. He helps support leaders in getting more time back into their lives, workflows, and communication by altering the perspective of their relationship with change. In his interview, Matthew helps business owners find their foundation. “There are three actionable things that you should focus on when you were starting a business because it’s all about you. It’s belief, it’s trust in yourself,  and belief in your worth,” he says.



Melinda Jackson

Melinda Jackson is a former educator and business owner. Summit host Dominick Wallace of Wallace Capital Funding, LLC helped her finance her dream business. “Get ahead by helping the community and getting community leaders to understand what your vision is. That helps more than anything,” she says.


Michael LeJeune- 

 Do you want to win more government contracts? Michael LeJeune is willing to share his proven strategy. He is a best-selling author, podcast host, and strategist. He also provides coaching, training, and consulting services.



Mitch Beinhaker, Esq.

Everyone always wants to know about what you should do when starting your business, but what about what you shouldn’t do? Mitch Beinhaker, Esq. shares a few key mistakes that every new business owner should avoid.


A  business and estate lawyer who has a passion for public speaking. He is adept at business development, marketing, firm management, and business transactional work. He is also the creator and host of a popular audio podcast – The Accidental Entrepreneur.


Monica Wack –

How do you reach the right audience for your business? What are some ways that you can make your marketing team more effective? Find out more by watching her informative interview.


Monica Wack Is the owner and CEO of Innov8tive Brand Solutions and a highly trained marketing whiz. Known for her superior listening skills, Monica always has her client’s best interests in mind. Many small and medium businesses have benefited from her branding and marketing expertise.



Nick Hoard-

How do most customers find your business? By a Google search. Nick Hoard has the right strategies to help raise your rankings and get your company seen. He shares some tips and tricks at our summit speaker series.


Is an entrepreneur, husband, father, and Digital Marketer. He is an Advertising Strategist who is an expert at PPC, lead generation, search engine marketing, and SEO.


Nikki Rogers

What are the most challenging aspects of building a new business? How can you create the right kind of business development strategy? Nikki Rogers is a strategist, transformation coach, speaker, author, and podcast host. She has spent years creating a simple strategy to help others reach their goals. Here are her four pillars of building a successful business:

  • Mindset
  • Strategy
  • Systems
  • Connections




Pamela King (MA.Ed.)

She is a business coach whose work focuses on empowering women to shatter glass ceilings without guilt, shame, or fear. Her vision includes empowered women, leading businesses, organizations, schools, communities, movements, and more – as the poised women they were created to be.


“I know that every barrier I’ve broken, glass ceiling I’ve shattered, and obstacle I’ve overcome was so that I can use those experiences to show women how to lead with confidence and fulfill their vision of success!” she says.


Rahel Getachew

Rachel Getachew is a world traveler and an international branding dynamo. She specializes in multicultural and global marketing. “In Africa, our strategy focuses on energy, agriculture, and the environment. Why? Because the future of the earth depends on it.”


Robert Cantrell

A registered patent agent adept at working with inventors to identify and protect the heart of their inventive concepts. He has walked in the shoes of the inventor and uses that experience to write and prosecute patent applications.


Robin Stern

Robin Stern engages and mobilizes individuals and communities to change the world! He has over 35 years of marketing experience and focuses on using his talents to further the work of nonprofit organizations. Stern is also the owner of iluvmygeek, a computer repair service.


Sherry Richard Chamblee-

Sherry Richard Chamblee is a founder and CEO, an entrepreneur, a supplier, a networking specialist, and a diversity advocate. Sherry shares some of her best advice regarding networking, “to begin and build and maintain relationships is 10 times more important now than it was before the pandemic,” she says.


Selena Rodgers Dickerson- 

A phenom and visionary public speaker who has motivated many to achieve their entrepreneurial dreams. Selena has worked hard to overcome racial and gender obstacles in the business world. “As a black woman in engineering, I had to build a network. I really work hard to surround myself with other smart engineers that do a great job.  And then my company took off faster than I expected,” she says.


Sheyenne Kreamer

Sheyenne Kreamer is the CEO of Triangle Solutions Alliance. She helps folks grow their businesses, simplify their marketing, and increase their wealth. In her interview, she talks about her journey into entrepreneurship and helping others find their success.


Steven Rinaldi, P.C.

Are you thinking about opening a franchise? Steven Rinaldi is an attorney specializing in franchise law, venture capital, and business agreements. He also works on business mergers and acquisitions.


Tim Mikhelashvili-

Is a Doctor of Pharmacy, coach, mentor, leader, and innovator. He is helped to differentiate and build brands for several organizations.



Todd Davis:

He’s a CEO, a digital disruptor, a virtual fractional CMO. This marketing genius gives us some knowledge on how we can take our marketing to the next level without breaking the bank.


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Now that you have gotten a taste of what the Keys for Business, Money, Marketing, and Profitability Summit has to offer, we know that you’re interested in learning more from these successful entrepreneurs and subject matter experts. Your business can’t afford to miss out on this opportunity. The summit is FREE, but space is limited, so don’t forget to reserve your spot.



Updated: Nov 17, 2021

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