Why Small Business Teams Should Be Self-Directed Part II


Last week I started discussing the value of self-directed teams and their role in your business success. You may believe that you don’t have the right employees to develop self-directed teams, but you need to re-evaluate your thinking. Are you truly taking advantage of the talent you have and engaging them appropriately? It’s important to take a strategic approach because at some point, you may be ready to move on or retire. Will your business be able to succeed without you? Read more about how establishing self-directed teams now are critical to your long-term goals for the future in the second part of our blog post “Why Small Business Teams Should Be Self-Directed Part II” here.

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

About the author
Maria Forbes of FIREPOWER Business Catalyst, LLC. is a member of XPX Atlanta

You need to assist owners and key decision makers in defining roles and engaging talent as part of business growth and transition planning. Convert people strengths into business performance.