Building a Well-oiled Machine for the Buyer


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We set the stage in January, emphasizing an understanding of what a buyer looks for. Last month, we talked about helping owners shift their role, preparing for life after and a business without them.

In March, let’s talk about creating a well-oiled machine that immediately leads to growth for the owner, and over time, leads to a more valuable business in the eyes of a buyer. Getting to this state supports the shift in the role of the owner in the years leading up to a sale – as we discussed last month.

  • How do buyers assess the well-oiled machine
  • How to write procedures that are actually followed and understood
  • How to design the metrics that will help monitor and suggest corrective action
  • How to get the team working together
  • How this can support not only an increased value for the seller but also the post-acquisition scalability growth story for the buyer

Our programming for this year will be a Collaborative Forum on the Hard Realities and How-To’s of successful business building and selling in 2023. Breaking News: Interest rates are still up. The economy is trending down. Buyers are retrenched. Deal flow in some industries is slow. If a deal is not in the pipeline now, it’s probably not going to close in 2023.

Of course, to our XPX community, this harsh news is not news at all. In fact, here’s the real news…It’s Time to Seize the Opportunity! More urgent than ever, right now is the time to get your clients’ attention to optimize now! We will be sharing the How-To’s of having the conversation with, and questions you need to be asking of your clients.

What’s going on out there in the M&A world? What do buyers want? What are they thinking? We will discuss these questions over the course of the year so that you have more tools to help turn potential client crises into a successful sale/exit.

Take-Aways: 5 Questions you need to ask of your clients on this month’s topic.

Why Join Us?

  • Get insights into what is really happening on the ground and what the experts are preparing for in advising clients 
  • Meet and truly engage with a broad range of professionals. 
  • Identify resources and pathways to help your clients.
  • Enjoy a half hour of open networking (11:00 AM – 11:30 AM)
  • Gain an appreciation of the power of the XPX Advisor Principles!


Jeff Leonard

General Counsel
Cohen Pollock Merlin Turner, P.C.

Jeff serves as outside general counsel to Georgia-based privately-held companies and family businesses who seek a trusted strategic advisor who is able to react to and anticipate a client’s legal needs. Jeff’s practice focuses on corporate and transactional matters involving business owners and the operational aspects of their companies. Jeff is a “go to” resource to answer legal questions and provide guidance for privately-held companies in a variety of industries, including engineering, manufacturing, medical/healthcare, technology, logistics, business consulting, construction, and professional services. He routinely handles corporate and transactional matters, such as business formations, service agreements, contract negotiation, and closing mergers & acquisitions transactions.

Our Speakers:

Yuquan Holloway

Principal Consultant
Holloway Consulting Group, LLC

Yuquan, the Principal Consultant of Holloway Consulting Group, is a leader in the fields of business and IT. She focuses on helping corporate teams deliver IT and transformation projects, resolve systemic process issues, and train and coach associates on project management and Lean Six Sigma principals. Yuquan has a Bachelor of Civil Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology and holds an MBA from Georgia State University. With 20+ years of experience in leading large cross-functional initiatives, Yuquan has a track record of driving successful change. She strives to demystify project management, create a culture of standard work and repeatable processes, stabilize and simplify core applications, and reduce critical incidents.

Ari Wajnberg

Montevino Advisory Services, LLC

Ari Wajnberg is a Principal with Montevino Advisory Services, LLC, a Business Transformation consultancy focused on Operations and Supply Chain excellence. This includes business transformation, turnaround management, scalable growth strategy, as well as buy and sell-side due diligence for M&A activities. Montevino Advisory Services primarily supports small- to mid-size ( $1 million to $100 million) manufacturing, warehousing/distribution, technology infrastructure, and construction firms. Mr. Wajnberg has built over 30 years of expertise with multiple public and private firms in a broad set of industries, as well as in private equity.

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

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