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Being a CEO or owner can be a lonely role. This is especially true when facing big strategic decisions such as how to take their business to the next level, or when and how to prepare for a future exit. Having access to individuals outside the day-to-day business who can listen, counsel, challenge, and hold the leader accountable can make an enormous impact on the quality of the decisions and the ultimate execution of the steps necessary for success.  Join us in a conversation with Brad Scheller, Founder PivotPoint Leaders and Leslie McIntyre-Tavella, Culpeo HR as we explore approaches to, and the benefits of having a sounding board for the boss.

Meet our Speakers:

Brad Scheller, PivotPointLeaders

Brad Scheller is an executive coach and professional facilitator of CEO Peer Groups. Based in Wilton CT, Brad has been an advisor to business owners in the region since 2009. With prior experiences in senior management positions and entrepreneurial start-ups, Brad provides his clients with a seasoned perspective and best practices expertise on how to scale a business and build enterprise value. A typical CEO client for Brad wants to expand the strategic, leadership, and accountability capacity in the organization and get better at executing the vision.

Leslie McIntyre-Tavella, Culpeo HR

Leslie McIntyre-Tavella has devoted her career to building and strengthening businesses and creating environments where talented people can excel. Leslie launched her first start-up organization, The McIntyre Group, thirty years ago and bootstrapped it into a $20 million-dollar award-winning company. After selling her firm and stepping away from the staffing industry, she spent the next year writing a book Framing Success; a blueprint on how to build a solid foundation for a sustainable successful business, achieving five best-seller categories. Framing Success served as a road map for the launch of her new company, Culpeo HR, a Woman-Owned business, helping businesses become highly sought-after employers.

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

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