Case Study: Negotiating Strategies- How Can I Get What I Want and Need?

Program produced by XPX Triangle.

Case Study: Negotiating Strategies- How Can I Get What I Want and Need?

Join us for a very special session featuring experienced negotiator and Triangle XPX member Diego Munoz.

Not only does Diego lend his master negation skills to his clients at KW Commercial on, he also shares his expertise and teaches sessions and workshops on negotiation.

As an association of seasoned advisory professionals for business owners and their companies, we are call focused on delivering the highest level of subject matter expertise to our clients. However, none of us can work in a vacuum; each of us are part of a collective team effort that has to encompass a holistic approach to our clients and their needs. Each client is unique, as are the facts and circumstances surrounding each of our engagements. As a result͕ there are no standardized answers or ͚cookie-cutter͛ solutions.

With this in mind, XPX has attempted to create a “typical͛” case of a business owner and some (but certainly not all) of the issues that the owner is facing. We will be using this as our ͚client͛ for the year and will be building upon this case for each XPX event this year. Each event will focus on our ͚client͛ so that there is consistency and continuity in the preparation process throughout the year. Below is our tentative schedule of events͕ each of which build upon the prior event͕ each with a focus on our “client͛”.


Our Presenter:

Diego Muñoz, Commercial Realtor- KWommercial/

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

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