Helping Owners Realistically Evaluate the Value of Their Business


We continue to follow the story of the Resnicks and SMS Manufacturing. So now we have the opportunity to help the Resnicks realistically evaluate the value of their business. We will approach the case study from the point of view of a trusted advisor and how we communicate the positives and negatives to business owners. How do we artfully help owners deal with all of the noise, misinformation, and the volume and velocity of issues outside of their expertise?

The discussion will be led by Steve Economou who has more than 30 years of investment banking and transaction advisory experience. Steve has advised on more than $2 billion in transactions and completed more than 100 board and strategic advisory engagements.

You can read the case study by clicking on the link below.

XPX Philadelphia case study 

Our Speaker: 

Steve Economou

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

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