How to Attract Customers Like a Hot Startup? Listen to Sales Guru Mark Harari author of “Lobster on a Cheese Plate”




Date: October 22, 2021

Time: 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. Eastern Daylight Savings Time

Platform: Zoom

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What makes you stand out? In a world filled-with good choices, why should your prospective clients choose you over the competition? In short, it comes down to answering one question: “why should I choose you?” The best answer wins. But there’s a catch: prospects start answering that question on your behalf from the moment they become aware of your existence.

This book will show you how to establish yourself as that “best choice” from the onset, dramatically shortening your sales cycle and virtually guaranteeing the sale every time.

In this practical, step-by-step guide, author Mark Harari tackles the intimidating subject of market differentiation with great approachability, a sense of fun, and a uniqueness that helps you hone and focus your business for maximum potential.

Whether you compete in a market saturated with similar service companies, or with franchises and corporations thousands of times your size, Lobster on a Cheese Plate will give the tools you need to take them on… and win.

Through the author’s real-world examples, interactive exercises, and free resources available for download, you will come away with actionable knowledge and a firm plan for dominating your market.


Mark Harari is a writer, speaker, trainer, and outspoken critic of the nominative determinism theory. (This is the hypothesis that a person’s name influences what they do for a living.) Although it’s true that a disproportionate number of dentists are named Dennis, he thinks it’s coincidental, and the theory is silly.

Mark’s marketing career …hmm. Well, moving on.

Mark’s marketing career began over twenty years ago with a freelance side hustle while selling lumber full-time, and he never looked back, having since helped hundreds of small businesses rock their marketing.

He is the recipient of numerous marketing awards in many categories, including video, web design, print advertising, and copywriting. They include three prestigious Muse Creative awards, an IAC award, three AVA Digital awards, and two MarCom International awards.

He firmly believes that learning should be fun, failure is critical to success, and when faced with the choice, you should leave the gun and take the cannoli.

In his free time, he enjoys watching hockey, going to the gym, fantasy football, playing soccer with his daughter, golfing with his son, collecting movie memorabilia, taking his wife to dinner, and watching movies with their dog, Max. (No, Deb, not in that order.)

If you want to chat, don’t search him out on Google. He does not own a gym and doesn’t look much like that guy unless you squint… a lot. You’re better off connecting with him via LinkedIn at ../in/markharari.

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

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