How to Build out Brand, Marketing and IP for the Buyer


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In 2023, we are talking about what a buyer looks for when deciding IF they will make an offer and for HOW MUCH. This is what owners must understand – what makes their business more valuable to a buyer.

Key Topics We Discuss

  • What is, and what is not, Secret Sauce
  • The 4 key elements of Intellectual Property
  • How to leverage marketing to get your margins up
  • Why your brand story is foundational to your business

Key Takeaways from the Program

  • 5 Questions you need to ask of your clients on this month’s topic.


Tim Templeton
Director, Business Development
Trivest Partners – Private Equity

Our Panel:

Katie Wagner
KWSM: a digital marketing agency 

Katie spent 15 years as a television and radio journalist, working for news outlets all over the world, including ABC, CBS, CNN & NPR. A professional storyteller, Katie knows how to engage an audience and build credibility, and believes those skills are just as valuable for business owners as they are for journalists.

Today, Katie owns a full-service digital marketing agency that specializes in lead generation, content creation, social media management, digital advertising, and website design. Clients include Mitsubishi, Anthem Blue Cross, F45 Fitness Studios, and small / mid-sized companies across the country. Office locations: California, Georgia, and Nevada.

F. Richard Rimer, Jr
Brand Protection Attorney
Initiating Protection Law Group LLC

Richard helps businesses protect their brands.  He is a broad-based Intellectual Property attorney with a practice that includes consultation, implementation and strategic planning for domestic and international trademark and domain name protection, including registration and enforcement.  Richard regularly assists clients with trademark clearance, investigation and enforcement of rights, gaining rights before the US Patent and Trademark Office, defending rights before the Trademark Trials and Appeal Board and general problem solving for advertising, copyright, branding and trademark issues.  Additionally, he has advised clients in the preparation and implementation of trademark manuals, licenses, purchase and sale of intellectual properties, internal processes for the capture and creation of IP rights and intracompany agreements.

Jeff Armacost
Brand Developer
Whole Brain Brands

Jeff is a former advertising creative who followed his passion for helping mission-driven entrepreneurs make their mark in the marketplace. He believes every business driven by a meaningful purpose has the stuff to become a charismatic brand leader in a category by itself. That’s exactly what he’s been doing the last 25 years for hundreds of businesses and organizations of all kinds. He works strategically with business leaders, distilling their powerfully simple brand story and crafting the charismatic image that makes their marketing more effective, visions more attainable, businesses more successful, and life generally more interesting.

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

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