How to Identify dynamic qualities within ourselves to achieve greatness!! Meet Mark Harris author of “Magic Dust”




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It’s that special something that motivates you. It’s your uniquely individual perspective. It’s an authentic catalyst that drives you to do and be better. It’s your Magic Dust . . . and the secret to your success is learning to elevate and leverage these innate gifts.

Sharing the life stories of 19 diverse individuals in his debut release, entrepreneur Mark J. Harris equips readers to identify dynamic qualities within themselves, and reveals what it really takes to put these attributes into action. Profiled in their own words as well as Mark’s, the leaders, self-made billionaires, executives, valued employees, and everyday difference-makers featured in Magic Dust offer rare access into the experiences that shaped their careers.

Some, like Mark Cuban, are entrepreneurs, gifted with insight and imagination. Others are implementors, whose skills and diligence get the job done, or game-changers, like former NFL player Doug Dawson, who inspire those around them. Still others are warriors, who rise above all obstacles to succeed.

However, tapping into individual talents that enabled them to achieve great things unites their stories, and illustrates the special gift inside all of us—the ability to make our own Magic Dust.


Mark J. Harris was born and raised in the farmlands of Iowa with parents who espoused the conviction that nothing is free, so you need to work for what you get, but if you do, nothing is impossible. Through high school and college football, Mark learned leadership, team building, and the importance of character, but when a career-ending injury left him with no option but to change his plans, he also learned how life can pivot in a moment, leading to unforeseen heights.

With a degree in business administration from Coe College, Mark immediately packed his bags and drove to Dallas, Texas. His business career began with early mentors who built their own success stories. Mark Cuban gave him a blueprint of motivation and vision to follow, and later, Paul Herchman inspired in him an enthusiasm for healing with innovation in healthcare delivery services. Mark saw an opportunity in the specialty healthcare space and spent a 25-year career building hospital leadership teams in over 30 different independent markets to provide care for patients requiring his hospital services. He completed his master’s in health services administration from Central Michigan University and managed to raise a family of five children while creating over 3,500 jobs in his facilities.

Mark thrived on the responsibility of working with physicians, therapists, social workers, nurses, administrative support teams, and many others among the hundreds of people he had on payroll at one point or another. Mark made saving lives and providing quality patient care his passion. But when he got home, he was even more excited to be “Dad.”

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