How to lead like Ukraine President Zelenskyy! Meet Best Seller Michael Timms author “How Leaders Can Inspire Accountability”


Date: August 12, 2022

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Leadership development consultant Michael Timms has discovered three powerful habits that not only make one a better leader, but also encourage those they lead to take greater accountability themselves. Using a compelling combination of teaching principles and illustrations backed by loads of scientific studies, Timms reveals three habits of personal accountability that are easy to implement and which can instantly begin transforming positional leaders into true leaders who inspire everyone to take more accountability for results.


Michael Timms has dedicated his career to making leadership easier and to helping leaders and organizations reach their potential. As a leadership consultant, author, and speaker, he has taught thousands of people in leadership positions how to harness the principles of accountability to transform virtually every aspect of their operations. Michael is the author of the book “How Leaders Can Inspire Accountability” which New York Times #1 bestselling leadership author Marshall Goldsmith called “The ultimate guide for embracing accountability as a leader!” Michael’s previous publications include “Succession Planning That Works: The Critical Path of Leadership Development.”

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

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