Lessons from a Serial Entrepreneur in Exiting a Business


Program produced by XPX Fairfield County and XPX Hartford.

Our program was a discussion with serial entrepreneur Shea Coakley on building and selling a business. Shea has co-founded and built several companies, which have since been brought to an exit. We invite you to explore his journey and the important lessons learned in exiting a business.

Our Speaker:

Shea Coakley
Entrepreneur and Founder

Shea dreamed of starting his own company since childhood. At 26 years old, he found himself at a standstill when his attempt at starting a restaurant chain fell through. In the face of adversity, Coakley was determined to work towards his dream. Ten years later, he has established himself as a capable and energetic entrepreneur, never losing sight of his focus on the human experience in the professional world.

Today, the ventures he co-founded are emphatic of his vision of enriching the human experience in work and living environments, from food service ventures, LeanBox and Grind Coffee to professional associations like PERKS, as well as the e-commerce platform Valica. He also founded the non-profit clothing brand, 1luvbrands.

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

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